about megan 

Megan Kishman is a Cleveland-based artist and native Ohioan who has been developing her artistic skill since childhood.  In her early years, she would often practice drawing pets, horses and beautiful ladies, her favorite subjects at that time.  Her favorite school activities were any that required a drawing or sketch, including illustrating a series of unpublished books that she and two of her grade school friends co-wrote. 

For Megan, art is in her blood.  Her grandmother, a gifted oil painter, gave Megan her first lesson in oils.  During the remainder of her childhood, Megan volunteered her time for various painting projects throughout her community, including at her church and for the school drama club.  She continued to build her artistic skills throughout her time at Miami University and while living in Cincinnati, Ohio but discovered her calling to a more meaningful role in the art world after moving to Louisville, Kentucky.

Megan's art can be found at CRAFT(S) Gallery & Mercantile (South Fourth Street, Louisville, KY) and Etsy (Shop KishtheArtist).