Jay Road Barn

People who know me know how much of an impact my grandmama had on my life growing up.  Unfortunately, she was taken away from us way too early but her memory lives on with me and all of the other people she touched.  This painting was done in tribute to her.  

Jay Road barn is located in the Ohio town of my childhood.  We would pass it frequently when running errands and on the way to my best friend's house, which was further down the road.  My grandmama mentioned to me one day that she wanted to paint this barn.  She was an oil painter as well but did not live long enough to paint this beautiful red barn.  Actually, she gave me my first oil painting lesson the Christmas before she passed.  Every time I saw the barn thereafter, I heard her voice saying, "I want to paint that barn some day."  I painted this barn years later, after receiving some additional oil painting lessons, in her honor.

"Jay Road Barn" Megan Kishman (2011)

"Jay Road Barn" Megan Kishman (2011)

Dance of the Jellyfish: Positions 1, 2, 3 and 4

These four paintings represent the breath of a jellyfish, which I liken to a graceful, yet methodical dance; a simple creature showing the basic movement of a breath.  

This jelly was inspired by one that I saw at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.  The visit sparked my interest in jellies and also inspired Jellyfish Dream.   


"Dance of the Jellyfish: Positions 1, 2, 3 and 4" Megan Kishman (2014)

Winter Perspective

Looking up the trunk of a tree is something most of us have done.  I remember doing this at my grandparent's farm in Ohio.  Grandpa and Grandma were dairy and crop farmers and lived down a long, gravel lane in a white house with about an acre of green space nestled between their farmland and barns.  The green space held all kinds of wonders for their grand kids.  There was a funny white tank that we used to climb on, a seemingly endless supply of cats and kittens who would scurry under the nearest shed at the sight of us,  a water pump surrounded by irises and, of course, some very old climbing trees.  When I was studying my subject for this painting, all these wonderful memories came back to me.  They were hidden away after years of living in a city and having few reasons to think about climbing a tree let alone take the time to look up its trunk.  

The tree which so kindly posed for this painting can be found in Louisville, Kentucky's Cherokee park.  This old tree likely has seen many things in its lifetime.  It sits near the dog run quietly watching its comings and goings.

Winter Perspective (cover).jpg

"Winter Perspective" Megan Kishman (2015)


Candied was inspired by a trip to New York City in 2009.  My brother was running the Hartford, Connecticut marathon so my family and I traveled with him and made a mini vacation out of it.  We took a train into the City the day after the race and that is where I saw the most stunning arrangement of candied items on Broad Street.  Candied marshmallows stacked on skewers, caramel dipped apples and, of course, candied apples.  There may have been other items but these struck a cord. They reminded me of all the fairs and festivals I attended with my dad as a kid, especially our town's local Fourth of July festival.  We would walk from our home to the festival and play Lions' Club bingo while sipping on the Rotary Club's fresh squeezed lemon shakeups.  On our way out, we would stop by whichever vendor was selling cotton candy, caramel and candy apples to buy some treats for my mom and two brothers at home.  

From an artistic perspective, I loved painting the reflection and cellophane wrappers.  If you look closely, the light reflection on one apple resembles a witch flying on her broomstick.  This was my first painting taking on something transparent and I really enjoyed the challenge and the way it turned out.

"Candied" Megan Kishman (2010)